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Technical Overview



IntraVUE is good at diagnosing the following:

Duplicate IP and MAC addresses Intermittent losses caused by noise or vibration Devices starting to degrade in performance
Accidental loops in cabling located in remote electrical enclosures Foreign devices connecting to the network (contractor laptops) Periodic short bursts of broadcast traffic triggered by other devices
Devices accidentally moved to a different port Cable and connector problems based on crushed, bent, or improperly grounded cable Redundancy failures using ring or RSTP
Communication lockups or failures (power surges, accidental reset) Configuration errors Application Faults (PLC and a SCADA station)


Core Features

KPI reporting Asset reporting Network Mapping
Graphical UI Threshold graphing Communication event logging
Advanced search and filtering options Real-time tracking of infrastructure changes Device details via SNMP
Documenting of plant network Testing of network connections Testing of full deployments


IntraVUE Benefits


Realize Fast Return-on-Investment: Once installed, IntraVUE customers typically realize ROI in less than six months, to resolving problems with device connectivity and configuration, and reducing the time and cost associated with network expansions.


Vendor neutral design: Supports legacy and modern automation systems and devices from multiple vendors operating on standard, industrial Ethernet while also incorporating industrial Ethernet protocols like EtherNet/IP* and PROFINET; this provides visibility to the complete plant automation system and helps evolve these systems to modern IoT and Industrie 4.0 architectures.


Validation tested on automation networks and devices: Ensures that while providing visibility and analytics, the monitoring traffic will not disrupt live manufacturing or process system activity to increase confidence in system reliability.

Real-time monitoring: Pulls relevant and time-critical context and performance details from Ethernet devices within the system, including both networking and field devices, maximizing useful data while minimizing the impact to the network.


Simplified visualization: Enables intuitive visibility of the networked automation system within the user interface, with tools to formalized documentation of the Ethernet networked system for improved document control Scalable licensing Offers expansion capabilities as the number of devices at a site grows, and an add-on supervisor highlights visibility of key performance indicators across multiple plants and large networks for future growth.


Client/server architecture: Constantly monitors multiple subnet network over local connection while providing convenient visibility and documentation from WAN or VPN client to simplify plant monitoring over long distances.


Optional hardware appliance for non-routable networks: Monitors isolated networks without opening them up to the plant network; performs monitoring at the field device and feeds the data to the licensed IntraVUE™ Server to provide holistic visibility to the complete plant network Infrastructure analytics Initiate on-demand analysis of system performance to identify key risks present on the network and determine root cause, improving system uptime and helping move to predictive maintenance of critical infrastructure.


Key performance indicators: Provide metrics on performance of critical elements of automation system in 24-hour view and 30-day trending view to increase the uptime and stability of the system.


Speed Documentation and Deployment: Available as an Internet download to a laptop or industrial PC, IntraVUE can be deployed quickly and is easy to maintain. As your architecture and number of connected devices increase, IntraVUE can seamlessly scale from a handful of devices to thousands. The software simplifies a variety of deployment tasks, including:

• Support for interactions between the system integrator, installer and the end user

• Validation of as-built versus current state

• Create network topology drawings

• Disaster recovery


Collect and Document Actionable Data: IntraVUE documents and stores data in an internal relational database on specific details relating to what is connected to your network, events and time periods providing you with port-by-port mapping. This real-time data delivers a live view of your network as well as details for diagnostics and advanced analytics.

• Continuously scans connected devices

• Identifies and tracks changes

• Does not need to be connected (providing offline views)

• Does not require seat licenses (downloads are free)

• Can run on numerous computers in distributed architecture


Diagnose Network Problems from Any Location: Designed for immediate problem analysis or periodic maintenance reviews, IntraVUE online Diagnostic Report Generator is accessible 24/7/365 from any laptop, tablet or smartphone—on-site or remotely. Users can generate various reports, which are targeted to the skills and responsibilities of that user. Once requested, reports are available via email in minutes. From the diagnostic report, the user can work with IntraVUE data analysis tools including event logs and trend reporting to definitively identify root cause and establish resolution to the problem.


Use Advanced Analytics to Accelerate Troubleshooting: IntraVUE narrows the scope of problem detection by establishing key performance indicators (KPI) and generating daily KPI reports that provide instant access to information on issues affecting critical equipment.


Anywhere Access: Diagnostic and KPI Reports are available 24/7/365 via laptop, tablet or smartphone on both iOS and Android devices. Report details are tailored to the responsibilities and skill levels of various users, including:

• Maintenance technicians

• Control engineers

• Manufacturing IT and network professionals


Pinpoint and Resolve Connectivity Failures: Once the most critical areas of concern have been identified either by the on-demand Network Analytics report or by visual representation of the IntraVUE interface, you can return to IntraVUE to access granular views, by device. Drill-down boxes provide information at the device level about:

• Connections

• Event histories

• Support documentation

In addition to the software, Panduit also can provide IntraVUE users with advanced features and hardware that:

• Enables users to have visibility to non-routable networks and islands of automation

• Can be installed at multiple sites

• Access dashboards with trend graphing

• Automatically assign static IP addresses to edge devices

Simplify the Management of Ethernet Connectivity With fast, simplified problem detection and diagnosis, IntraVUE enables manufacturers to gain a reliable, secure, robust physical layer network in today’s complex and highly sensitive industrial automation ecosystem.