Diagnostic Report Tool for IntraVUE™ 3 Databases

The IntraVUE On-Demand System Analytics are an additional capability of IntraVUE that will automatically generate written reports that identify issues as well as suggested courses of action for many common problems that can occur on Industrial Ethernet Networks. They can be generated in minutes and contain the latest data contained in the IntraVUE system.

The IntraVUE On-Demand System Analytics provides you with a PDF report based on the analysis of your IntraVUE System available anytime 27/7/365*.

Once an account is established you will be able to upload a Support Archive and get the resulting network analysis & diagnosis report. The process takes about a minute to upload, two - three minutes for analysis, and then the report will be emailed to you**.

  1. Create a support archive (i.e. *.zzz) from IntraVUE's Admin Menu. Right-Click > Generate Support Archive
  2. From IntraVUE 3 go to Advanced > Archive > Send Archive and click on the link below to be redirected to the Analytics Reports portal at http://intravue.panduit.com:8765/IntravueAudit/AuditServlet
  3. Login to the IntraVUE Report Generator by entering your primary email address and password. If this is your first time enter your email address and enter a desired password and click "New User" to register.
  4. Enter Company Name, Location, Comments, Report Type (Maintenance Technician is preferred), Names for Columns 1-3 (e.g. MAC address, Vendor, Model). Click "Apply Data"
  5. Select "Choose File" and browse to your *.zzz file location & click 'Upload Archive For Analysis'
  6. At the "Result of uploading archive file" page Click "Analyze database and email results". Wait for confirmation on next page.

You might get a message like "This product key has never been under a support contract. Please contact Panduit Corp for a quotation." or "Support Contract: Never under support". You may disregard this message as currently all product keys can generate Analytics Reports

  1. "Result of Analysis ... archive is being processed and the results will be emailed to you" is the final confirmation page. You may exit now.

See also IntraVUE Automated Diagnostics Reports


*There's no limit on the number of Analytics Reports you can request.

**IntraVUE Advanced Subscribers automatically get a remote assessment of the IntraVUE Plant Network from one of our IntraVUE experts who will review their On-Demand System Analytics & Diagnosis Report and discuss with you recommendations, suggestions, and potential solutions to prevent, improve, or resolve network issues.



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