IntraVUE 3.0.2 Installer - latest version as of 8/24/17

IntraVUE Appliance Update - Latest version 3.0.2 as of 8/24/17. See Appliance instructions below.

Appliance Quick Start - Appliance installation & setup manual

Agent Discovery Tool - Tool to discover IntraVUE agents inside your plant network

monitor.jar - Monitoring tool available to help diagnose problems with modbus/tcp.

SwitchProbe.jar - Same utility as available from Windows Start > Programs > IntraVUE > Tools > switchprobe. Used to verify L2/L3 switch is SNMPv2 + RO Community is enabled and it's fully manged according to RFC 1493 and 802.1d

IIoT-IntraVUE-102-Checklist_V1.docx - Pre-Assessment Checklist with scanning and deployment requirements commonly used by Panduit Services or VAR before going on-site

IvDashboard - A visual display of what has occurred in a single IntraVUE network over the last 6 hours.((Licensed separately or with SNMA subscription). Compatible with IntraVUE™ 3. See IntraVUE Diagnostics

IntraVUE™ Supervisor - Centralized manager of other IntraVUE™ servers (Licensed separately or with SNMA subscription)

IntraVUE 3 Plant Layout Exporter - Exports the Plant layout to a Vision *.vsd file

Help File (zip format)

Help (pdf format)


IntraVUE Appliance Software Update Instructions - How to steps for upgrading an IntraVUE™ appliance agent

Building and testing IntraVUE Low Cost Agent - Linux OS image + IntraVUE™ 2.41 software

IntraVUE Appliance Software for VMware - IntraVUE™ 2.41 server linux based

Deploying an IntraVUE™ Agent - Read this before if you're considering deploying IntraVUE agents

Offline Demo Database Instructions - See a fully documented sample network IntraVUE™ without actively scanning






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